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The Plastilock Electrical Box

The Plastilock ICF electrical box was developed exclusively to meet the unique needs of insulated concrete form construction. They provide many advantages for both the ICF contractor and ICF homeowner, mainly a chase for pulling wire.

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Before Plastilock.
Before the invention of the Plastilock electrical box, wiring was installed in ICF buildings as an after thought, labor intensive and not well suited for code compliant installations. Prior to the introduction of the Plastilock electrical box, installing electrical services required extensive cutting of the finished foam walls. This type of "cut-in" electrical installation is slow, creates a mess, and can reduce the R-value that ICF companies work so hard to promote. Boxes must be drilled into the concrete, and securing the Romex wiring inside the carved out channels to meet minimum attachment and consistent depth distances required by Code can be challenging. Wiring additions or upgrades were virtually impossible; becoming a disadvantage for ICF jobs wired the old fashioned way.

After Plastilock.
As ICF construction continues to gain main stream acceptance, new innovations developed with ICF's in mind are making the job easier than ever before. The Plastilock electrical box is just such an innovation. In fact, this pvc box is the ONLY electrical box UL tested and listed specifically for use in insulated concrete form construction.

Plastilock Flexibility with Ear Clips
The Plastilock PVC electrical box is made to fit foam systems of 2 ½" - 2 5/8 th" width. There are ear clips on the front and back of the box to hold it snuggly in place after being slid over the foam form.

For foam systems that are 2" - 2 ¼" width there is a spacer clip to fill the gap, available at no additional cost. The ports in the back of the PL box accept either ¾" or ½" sweeps. If you need 1" sweeps, please call us for a verbal explanation."

"Why retrofit your electrical system when there is an advanced technology in the industry?
We have our ICF clients use conduit in the walls and Plastilock boxes."

Chris Chop - Structural Engineer

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