Plastilock for the ICF Contractor

Homeowners love it, because it's very easy to add and change low voltage or other electrical systems after the initial installation with no trouble at all. < Click here to view video - length :55 seconds >
Arlan DeJong - ICF Construction Consultant

Every contractor thinks about opportunities to enhance the per job income. Using Plastilock boxes on every job is an easy and profitable way to succeed!

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Plastilock boxes and electrical conduit are placed in the foam forms BEFORE the pour by the ICF builder. Standard billing by contractors using the Plastilock boxes are $20-$25 per box set (including the sweeps and conduit). On a typical 2500 sq.ft. home, that means 100 to 150 outlet, switch, cable, audio, and data line boxes just in the ICF walls. Do the math and you'll instantly see the benefit. It is a fast and easy add-on for the ICF builder and a huge benefit for the homeowner. Any ICF contractor who says, "It might take too much time" or "Let the electricians deal with it" is leaving money on the table.

See how an Electrician and Homeowner can work together for success with a Plastilock ICF Electrical Box installation.

"Once a potential customer comes by the job site and sees how clean the electrial installation looks, they are sold! It definately gives me an edge over my competition. It's just one more thing I can offer my customers to add value, which might make the difference of getting the job."
Chad Fillwebber - ICF Builder
Read Complete Interview with Chad Fillwebber

Upgrade your profits while upgrading your ICF construction Purchasing the Plastilock ICF electrical boxes.

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