"I wish we would have had these boxes when we did our ICF home. We had to retrofit all of the boxes we used!"

Jeff and Teen Cain


Electrical Advances for the ICF Homeowner

Quote from "TecHome Builder Magazine"
"It's not unusual for homebuyers to realize that they want more technology after they have moved in. One way to help make a potential retrofit easier is to use conduit throughout the home. Conduit makes pulling new wire simple without tearing up the walls."

"Plastilock Gives You The Ability To Reach The Controls."

We chose to use Plastilock because my wife uses multimedia and computers and wanted the ability to easily change electrical as technology advances without the mess. < Click here to view video - length :30 seconds >
Gregg Leverette - ICF Construction Homeowner


For today's technology and tomorrow's!
Conduit based electrical systems are the standard in commercial construction. Why not for your home as well? Before you start construction, ask your contractor about Plastilock. The Plastilock Smart Tech house allows for easy upgrades to data, audio, video or electrical wiring circuits. ICF construction, in combination with Plastilock boxes and poured-in-place conduit systems, provides future flexibility with all your home-wiring needs. Technology advances and changes. Platilock allows you the flexibility for upgrades now and in the future.

Plastilock's Smart Tech House Advances
provides homeowners what they are looking for:

  • Multi Room Audio
  • Telephone & Intercom
  • Cable & Satellite Hookups
  • Ethernet and Networking
  • Exterior Security Lighting & Cameras
  • Home Automation

Can actually save you money during construction!
The Plastilock electrical box and a conduit based wiring system can actually SAVE the in construction costs! Any additional labor billed by the ICF contractor to set the boxes can be more than offset by the savings in the electrician's time for having to cut-out all that foam! Electricians are familiar with pulling wire through conduit. But few are experienced with "cutting­ in" the wiring once the ICF walls have been poured. And fewer, still, will want to bid the job without billing extra just for the hassle!

"Absolutely the best way to wire an ICF house. Period."
Harley Lyons, ICF Homeowner

Tell your ICF contractor you want a tech smart home.

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